Teamwork Matters

It is so important to make plans and set goals for yourself. However, things in life don’t always go according to plan. When plans fall through, who do you want to surround you? A positive and strengthening community can be the difference between getting back up on your feet, or allowing failure to push you backward.

A strong community can look different for different people. Having just one or two trusted family members or friends to support you in your dreams and goals can make a huge difference.

Labels of Freedom Founder Fernanda Samaia, shares the importance of having a trusted team:

“I believe it’s so important to share your dreams with the right people and team up with people you can trust.

When we launched Labels of Freedom, I expected things to take off right away. I specifically remember our first Labels of Freedom flea market sale. I put my assistant, Mariana Fett, in charge of setting up the flea market with the plan to join her later in the day. When I came back, I saw Mariana sitting on the curb and she told me that we didn’t sell anything that day.

I felt frustrated, however, Mariana was so incredibly positive. She reminded me that this is just the beginning and she had so much hope for the company, even though things had not gone according to plan that day. She said that several girls had stopped by and asked for information about the company, and she knew that they would spread the word about Labels of Freedom. Sure enough, the business has only moved forward since then.

I know for a fact that discouraging moments in launching Labels of Freedom would be so much harder if I didn’t have an encouraging teammate to keep me going. My desire is that all women would use wisdom and discernment to surround themselves with others who can provide support and love during the good times and the bad.”


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