Las Vegas UBM Fashion Magic Show 2017

Last week,  I had the joy of going to the UBM Fashion Magic Show in Las Vegas! This convention happens every year in February and in August. It is an enormous fashion marketplace that exhibits some of the most-wanted brands, showcases emerging designers, and is an incredible buying opportunity for retailers. I couldn’t wait to see all the new styles and trends that are coming soon and new products to add to the Labels of Freedom collection!


There were a couple trends that I saw very often at the show. One of them was the design of stars on anything denim. Whether it is jeans, or a jean jacket, it almost always had stars on it. Another trend, which we will be seeing a lot of in the fall is off-the shoulder leather jackets and trench coats. But certainly my favorite trend is velvet! Velvet has ruled the runways of Fashion Week, and it will continues to steal hearts as we transition from Spring to Fall 2017.


The fashion show not only displayed a global supply chain of fashion with over 40 countries represented, but it also brought speakers, bloggers, and business owners from all over the world to speak and inspire start up owners. It was amazing meeting all of these new brand owners with great styles that care about fashion and how it impacts people like I do.


Here are some photos from the event:

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