The Labels of Freedom Holiday Gift Guide

It’s better to give than to receive! While shopping for yourself is always a fun treat, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of giving a close friend or loved one something meaningful. Giving to others is an expression of love that says, “Hey! I value you and feel you are worth my time, thoughts and resources.”

You don’t always have to buy something expensive or fancy to show your loved ones you care during the holidays. It is just as important to spend quality time or to offer to help with cooking, cleaning or other tasks. However, if you’re in the mood to do a little shopping to spread holiday cheer, here are some fun and trendy gift ideas for sisters, friends, mothers or daughters in your life!

The Fashion-Lover

Those who love fashion love to add new items to their wardrobe. For your friends who love clothing that makes a statement, you don’t have to go far! Shop Labels of Freedom for clothing from casual to chic styles.

The Travel-Lover

Traveling is no fun when you aren’t able to bring everything you want with you. Brands like Herschel Supply Co. and CALPAK offer luggage that is both trendy and functional.

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The Beauty-Lover

Most of us are particular about which makeup we use, but everyone loves a good face mask! Glossier, The Body Shop and Kiehl’s have affordable face masks with good -quality ingredients.

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The Tech-Lover

There are more useful tech gadgets than we can count available this season. One of the most popular gadgets are home assistant systems. The most affordable is the Google Home Mini which you can find at Target or the Google online store.

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The Music-Lover

What’s the point in having music if you don’t have a good way to listen to it? For the music lover, consider a pair of good headphones or a nice record player. Urbanears and plus offer cute and durable headphones at a reasonable price.

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These are just a few fun gift ideas trending this holiday season, but don’t forget- gifts from the heart are always the best!

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