You Are Worthy!

We want you to know this not just to encourage you (although we hope you are encouraged!), but also because we want you to feel worthy of the things you desire. We talk a lot about how important it is to dream big and have hope for good things, but if you don’t believe you deserve good things, it will be SO hard to receive them. No matter how hard you work to achieve your goals, if you don’t believe you are worthy of a successful life, you will never have that success. Or, when you do get the things you hope and prayed for, you will feel guilty once you have them.


This does not mean you should be prideful or greedy, and this definitely does not mean that you are entitled to anything and everything. What it means is for you to have love for yourself. When you value yourself, you will value others more. You also become more generous because when you truly believe for good things to come into your life, you begin to want the same for those around you. Deserving good things is not about taking, but it is about allowing the blessings that are for you to come into your life so that you can then bless others.

You are so loved and so worthy of the things you want...



Check out this video and remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT! 


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  • Yes! Such a good reminder!


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