What comes to your mind when you read these words? Being a strong woman in today’s society can often be related to being tough and self-sufficient, with almost no room for vulnerability. As girls, we usually get a view of what a strong woman is and she’s pretty much portrayed saying things like “I owe it all to me”, “I don’t need you”, “If you hurt me I’m ready to hurt you back.”
But the truth is – as much as features like independency, toughness and courage are true and super duper important, we must also note how true strenght is, sometimes, letting ourselves slow down and admit we don’t have it all together.
Vulnerability and kindness are not – as we sometimes think – opposites of strenght. They are actually a few of the most important features of a strong women. Why? Well, because as humans, we are prone to make mistakes – sooner or later, we will fall. And hey, that’s alright.
However, if you get youself a mindset that brings you away from, for example, being nice to that coworker of yours or from getting help when you need, you’re actually putting yourself into a shield – a glass shield, with a glass ceilling, and glass walls and even a glass doorbell, we must say. It doesn’t protect you – it only keeps you from reaching out to the real world and, sooner or later, that shield will shatter.

Don’t you agree it takes more strenght to be honest to yourself and others about wether you feel confident or not? Or even being nice to someone who was slightly rude? Takes a strong woman – who knows her Worth and value – to admit they need help, or that they’re wrong.
You ARE strong. You ARE a girlboss and you CAN do whatever you dream of – we’re here for it and for you!
But while you’re going that way, don’t forget what being a strong woman really means: and that is, long story short, being 100% true to yourself.

So why don’t you try experiencing strength in your way today? Whether it comes through kindness, patience, courage or vulnerability, we’re here to encourage you to try it out - and lead a path towards becoming a strong woman at its best!

By Carol Carlovich

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