“The Joy of Choosing Your Own Label”

If you reflect back on your childhood, you can probably remember a moment when your parents, grandparents, or other family member asked you a fun and important question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Most of us thought we had it sorted by that time: we wanted to be astronauts, vets, artists, firemen, or anything that involved adventure, taking care of pets or saving lives.

However, as we reached our teens and that question became a reality, most of us probably realized we didn’t want to spend our whole lives doing just one thing. Especially those of us who grew up to become creative beings - filled with great ideas, always taken aback by amazing references, passionate about so many topics, and feeling connected to so many different people.., The thing is, if you’re a creative, you’ve probably reached a point where you felt like you didn’t belong anywhere. This is because society usually pressures us to pick one job and do it for the rest of our lives, silencing the other many voices we have inside us. How many times have you felt like having several different passions was actually a bad thing? Or, that you lacked focus or professionalism? If you’ve ever felt like that, we totally understand.

We’re here today to show you the wonder and beauty of having multiple passions, and the actual joy of choosing your own label when it comes to doing what you love. Whether your passion is helping people on the streets, making art, or singing, we’re here to let you know that none of these things should be ignored because you feel you have to choose only one of them. Look at your multiplicity with excitement rather than regret or fear.

We know the feeling of being paralyzed in the face of adulthood, with the world telling you to “get a real job” or “make up your mind” about your career. The thing is you are the only person who can choose your own label. When you finally find out that all these possibilities can work together and enrich each other rather than distract you from actually working on something, you’ll realize that being creative and multi-talented is actually a brilliant feature of yours. The frustration you might be feeling has nothing to do with the choice you might have made, but rather, it has everything to do with the pressure of choosing on the first place.

Hey, you don’t really HAVE TO choose just one, you know?

Today, we want to encourage you to put down on a paper every single thing you’re passionate about and that you dream of doing. Try imagining how these different interests can relate and how can you create something with them. For once, don’t hide or silence the several creative sounds in your head. Try and make a song with them!

By Carol Carlovich

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