Surround Yourself With Positive Messages




The world is full of messages. From the advertisements on billboards along the road to the music playing in the grocery store, there are pictures and words everywhere that we are constantly taking in. A lot of these messages can be negative or demeaning, and we can’t always control what we will be surrounded by.

But good news, there are some things we CAN control in our environment. We can choose the music we listen to and the movies we watch in our free time. Why is this important? Because those messages we take in can influence our thoughts and our actions. So many films and shows today are filled with messages that cause anxiety, insecurity, comparison, and other negative emotions. But, there are definitely movies out there that inspire creativity and promote love. Here are a few films that have inspired the Labelsof Freedom team, and we hope they can inspire you too!





  • I’ve watched just a few of them and they are actually really inspiring. Now I want to watch all the ones listed on this post. :) Thanks for the tip! Love it! 🧡

  • Love this post! These are all such great movies <3

    Marissa Minter
  • AMAZING POST 💥 I usually think a lot when choosing a movie, because I really don’t want to lost some hours without learning something, or feeling more positive about life, after that! In this list I found the 2 favorite movies of my life: Forrest Gump, and Walt before Mickey. Love that!

    Andressa ❤️
  • I love all this movie SO MUCH! I have not watched it yet Selma! It’s on my list now.
    Hard to pick one favorite but maybe Pursuit of Happiness, Walt before Mickey, Facing Giants and August Rush are my favs!! s2


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