Faith. Hope. Love

This past weekend, we were inspired by the story of Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex. In her story we find faith, we find hope, and most importantly, we find love.


To have faith is to have complete trust in someone or something, no matter the circumstances. Can you trust that God has the absolute best for you? Can you trust that there is a good AND perfect plan for your life. If you aren’t where you thought you would be in life, just keeping moving forward!

Meghan Markle wanted to be a successful actress, but before she landed a steady role on television, she had several small roles. Whatever your dream career or role is, are you willing to trust the process? You never know when your big break will come! It may not be easy, but if you have faith in yourself and God, you will get there at the right time.

We’ve talked about dreaming big several times on this blog. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have hopes and dreams. When we don’t allow ourselves hope, we are literally blocking blessings from coming into our lives.

Meghan Markle had hopes of a good career and hopes of making strides in the movement for women's’ empowerment. As a young girl, she probably never imagined that a good career and an opportunity to make change would come in the from of a royal leadership! How incredible!

Nothing should stop us from hoping for the absolute best for our lives because anything can happen. Nothing is impossible with God!

The most beautiful part of the wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is, of course, the love. This couple has such a strong and deep love for each other and it is so evident to everyone around them. Love that is pure and whole is the most powerful thing in the world. Bishop Michael Curry spoke about this at the royal wedding. You can see the video here.

Love that is romantic is a beautiful thing, but love in any form is powerful. This includes love for our friends, family, and even strangers. Love is more than a feeling. Love is a state of being. Love is an active choice to care deeply for others whether or not they deserve it.

While we love to see romantic fairytale stories, like the story of Meghan and Prince Harry, it’s important to remember that love exists everywhere in everyday words in actions.

Faith. Hope. Love. Three qualities we need to live a life that is whole and full. It is not always easy to keep faith and hope, but if you can remember the greatest- love- the others will follow.

One of our favorite scriptures is 1 Corinthians 13:13, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 


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