Living Free Nights - LEARNING TO TAKE A RISK

We recently hosted our second Labels of Freedom Creative Night. Our Creative Nights are a fun way for women in Los Angeles to network, socialize and be creative.

This month our Creative Night was Christmas-themed. We had hot chocolate, decorated cookies and made Christmas tree ornaments. Everything we do at Labels of Freedom has a specific purpose. So, of course, these ornaments weren’t your average decorations. These ornaments were made into cute labels and on the label, everyone was encouraged to write a reminder to take risks in 2018.

Before making the ornaments, Labels of Freedom founder Fernanda Samaia shared this message about taking risks:

“The morning of our second Creative Night, I woke up and was super sick. In fact, I was so sick that I fainted. Thankfully, my cousin was home with me and she was able to call for help. Everything turned out to be just fine, and what started out as a scary moment actually became a funny story looking back. However, this moment got me thinking. I had been perfectly fine the night before, yet when I woke up, things were completely opposite.

The same can happen in life. Everything can be going perfect, but we never know when things will turn around and not go as planned. For most people, their biggest regret is not that they might have done something wrong, but that they didn’t have the courage to go after their dreams.

For me, running a business and being in graduate school at the same time has been such a challenge. However, I know that I am going after my dreams. It is definitely a risk, but no matter what happens, each day I can proudly say that I am living the life of my dreams.”

At Labels of Freedom, we want to empower women everywhere to do the same. Don’t just dream it- do it!

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