Healthy Ways to Gain Energy Without Coffee

 Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee? It tastes delicious and feels like a battery charge to power through your day. Yes, coffee is great, but too much caffeine can be bad for your health. If you find yourself consuming too much coffee throughout the day, here are some healthy, alternative ways to get a quick “pick-me-up”.  

When you are dehydrated, your body shuts down
        to conserve energy. Drinking water is an easy way to
gain energy and keep fatigue away
   Green or leafy vegetables are loaded with nutrients
that can give you a great energy boost.
Matcha is known to increase both energy and
focus. Matcha has less caffeine than coffee,
but the boost it gives lasts
longer than coffee.
Adding lemon to your water can provide
vitamin C,  balance your pH levels and
it can increase your energy levels-
especially when you drink it
first thing in the morning.
Essential oils can be helpful for a number reasons.
Peppermint oil works great as an energy booster.
You can use a steam diffuser to inhale peppermint oil,
you can dab some on the back of your neck,
or you can add it to water or shakes.
Chocolate also has less caffeine than coffee, but
just enough caffeine to give you an energy boost.
Dark chocolate is known to increase endorphins
which increases energy levels. Make sure
to have dark chocolate that is 80 to
100 percent cocoa to avoid
unnecessary sugar.
Having more energy also depends on your lifestyle. Be sure to get enough sleep every night, eat healthy foods, and take time to exercise regularly. The more energy you have the more motivation you will have to reach your goals and live your best life!  



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