Inspiring Buttons

We are absolutely in love with buttons that have been coming back in style. In fact, we love them so much that we created our own Labels of Freedom buttons that have inspiring messages like:

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Why do we love these buttons?

Because they are a fun but simple way to add a little extra flair to your outfit. Here are 9 ways you can wear buttons: 



Buttons work great on sturdy clothing.

You can attach to denim jackets or other denim clothing.

Add buttons to baseball caps, beanies or other

hats to give an extra pop of color.

The great thing about these buttons is that they can fit

on small spaces. You can add them to straps such

as overall straps, dress straps, or straps on your backpack.

Tired of carrying the same purse or bag everyday?

You can add buttons to your bag to make it feel like a totally different accessory.

The same way you pick out jewelry to match

the color or style of your outfit, you can

accessorize by adding buttons that match your outfit.

If you want to add buttons to your shorts or pants,

it’s super cute to attach them around the front pocket area.

But of course, you can put buttons anywhere!

Some collared shirts have little buttons or

beads on the collar. If you’ve got a plain collared shirt,

you can use these buttons to spice up the collar.

You can pin them in a bandana and wear

around your neck with a cool detail on it.

You can also attach one of your favorite button

and just give a fresh look to an old shoe.

 Hope you love it!

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