Dress Yourself in Confidence

 Have you ever bonded with a complete stranger over clothing they had on? Maybe you saw a girl with unique earrings or stylin’ boots and you just had to walk over and say something. Believe it or not, your clothing says a lot about who you are! This doesn’t mean if you aren’t perfectly dressed every day, that people will think you are a slob. What it does mean is that your clothing can give off a vibe or reflection of your personality.



Why are we bringing this up? Because we want to encourage each of you to be your own authentic self. Part of that means dressing in a way that is authentic to who you are. Just because dark clothing is in style, doesn’t mean you should wear dark clothing just to fit in. If you are a bright, bubbly person, wear clothing that reflects your joyful personality. Or if you are more serious and introspective, by all means, wear something dark or subtle. All that matters is whether or not you are authentic. The more true you are to yourself, the more confident you will be!

Of course, don’t forget that the most important part of dressing authentically means being authentic. No matter what you have on each day, let your true and beautiful self shine for others to see. Your attitude and the way you treat others will have a bigger impact on others than they way you dress ever will!

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