Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Social media is great for so many reasons. It gives us a creative outlet to express ourselves, it allows us to document special moments, and it helps us keep up with friends and family who live in different cities. However, there is definitely a downside to social media. It can become addictive and take up a ton of our time, and even worse, it can drive us to think that are lives aren’t as fun or interesting as the people we follow on social media.

Why? Because when we compare our bodies, our clothing, our possessions, and our lives to those around us, we lose sight of the wonderful blessings we already have. Even the most confident person can start to feel insecure when looking through a feed of smiling people eating at fancy restaurants or wearing expensive clothing.

It’s important to remember that the pictures we see on social media are only a snapshot of a person’s life. You have no idea what a person might be struggling with based on what you see on their profiles. A mommy blogger who is blessed to have a new baby and a new house might seem like she has the perfect life based on what she posts on social media, however you have no idea what other things may be going on in her life. And guess what – maybe that mommy blogger does have a perfect life! But that doesn’t mean your life isn’t great either. And, it definitely doesn’t mean you should compare yourself to her or try to change your life to be like hers.

We are each meant to have different experiences in life, and at the end of the day, our lives are as wonderful as we believe them to be. Sure, there will be low moments, but those low moments make the highs that much more beautiful. We each go through different seasons at different times, so it is literally useless to compare your life to the lives of those you see on social media. When we compare ourselves to others, we totally lose our joy.


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